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Younger Adult Gamblers


Problem gambling creates serious issues for younger adult gamblers (ages 18-34) and their families.
It may interfere with relationships, school or work, and include diversion of funds intended for other uses.
The gambler may incur debts of substantial amounts to continue the activity.

Behaviors that may indicate the existence of a gambling addiction may include:

Increased interest in sporting event outcomes, fantasy leagues, online gaming

Increased interest or participation in card games like Texas Hold'Em

Loss of interest in hobbies and/or extracurricular activities

Sudden, unexplained or exaggerated need for money

Borrowing money from family members and friends

Unexplained appearance of extravagant goods or possessions

Problems at work; secrecy and/or lying about whereabouts

Isolation and withdrawal from family and friends

Increased irritability, hostility or defensiveness

Creditors or collectors calling daily

Valuables missing from the home

Non-payment of rent/mortgage, utilities, car payments

Physical evidence: betting slips, IOUs, lottery or scratch tickets

If you suspect that your loved one has a gambling problem,
call 1-800-777-7207