Arizona Council on Compulsive Gambling, Inc.

ARIZONA HELPLINE 1-800-777-7207


Treatment currently available for Compulsive Gamblers in Arizona:

Gamblers Anonymous

Professional Certified Counselors

Treatment Programs offered by the State of Arizona as well as private practice programs and hospitals are available
ACCG's Organizational Achievements

Conducted the first accredited training program for gambling treatment counselors in Arizona (1994)

Created a Code of Ethics for compulsive gambling counselors in Arizona

Established a comprehensive website ( that provides:
* Current GA/GamAnon meeting listings for Arizona cities
* Information on local/national inpatient treatment programs
* Contacts for local/statewide outpatient counseling
* Questions to help you determine whether you are a compulsive gambler
* Articles about types of gamblers (action/escape), gender differences, and the progression and consequences of the addiction
* Links to specialized resources & support services

ACCG's Daily Accomplishments

Detailed information on Arizona GA/GamAnon meetings

Referral to Office of Problem Gambling for casino self-exclusion program

Dissemination of information to media

Referrals to resources for legal, financial and other issues

Referrals to inpatient treatment and outpatient counseling
* Matching callers with certified area providers
* Providing an overview of the counseling process

Supporting compulsive gamblers who have committed serious felonies
* Accompanying them to court appearances
* Educating defense attorneys about addiction-related crime
* Educating defendants on the need for professional evaluation, counseling, GA, self-exclusion, letters of support
* Raising awareness of judges and prosecutors of gambling as an addiction
* Advocating for sentence mitigation/reduction

Educating the public sector
* Speaking at secondary schools, high schools; reaching out to parents
* Attending health fairs and community events
* Reaching out to seniors
* Advocating for gambling courts and diversion programs

Educating the private sector
* Raising awareness of the social and economic impact of compulsive gambling on business enterprises
* Raising awareness of gambling-related white collar crime-fraud, forgery, embezzlement, identity theft-and its effect on a company's bottom line
* Training management and employees to spot the warning signs and symptoms of gambling addiction
* Supporting employees to seek help and treatment